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Alex Jones is an American radio and television host, commentator, and conspiracy theorist. He is the founder of Infowars, a website and broadcast network that presents right-wing views. Jones’ media career began in 1991 as the host of the short-lived talk show The Alex Jones Show on the Worldwide Talk Network. In 1997, he started airing his current program, InfoWars. As of early 2018, Jones’ estimated net worth was $15 million. This wealth comes from a variety of sources: InfoWars earns revenues from advertising; merchandise sales; donations; and subscriptions. Since 2016, Jones has been subject to numerous lawsuits for his claims about 9/11 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Alex Jones’ Bio

Alex Jones is a InfoWars conspiracy theorist and host of the Alex Jones Show. He has made numerous claims about 9/11 being an inside job, the Bilderberg Group, and other conspiracies. His show frequently features guests with radical or far-right views, some of whom have been banned from other conservative media platforms.

Jones’ career as a conspiracy theorist began in 1994 when he started broadcasting on shortwave radio. In 1999, he entered into a partnership with, which became his main website. In 2013, he partnered with Prison Planet TV and launched The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube.

Since then, he has published books including The New World Order: A Beginner’s Guide to the Global Conspiracy and War is a Fraud: The Truth About Money, Media, Banking and More. He also runs the Infowars Store, which sells t-shirts, hats and other merchandise.

According to Forbes magazine, Jones’ net worth was $12 million in 2016. However, that figure has since dropped due to increasing scrutiny of his work by mainstream media outlets.

Alex Jones and Infowars

Alex Jones is a controversial American conspiracy theorist, commentator and radio show host.

Jones has been accused of promoting racism, bigotry and xenophobia through his Infowars website and radio programs. In November 2017, Jones was banned from Twitter after he engaged in a public argument with Ghostbusters director Paul Feig. His net worth is currently unknown.

Alex Jones’ Accusations of Fake News

Alex Jones is infamous for his conspiracy theories and unfounded accusations of fake news. The self-proclaimed conservative commentator has amassed a net worth of over $150 million, but his financial success may be coming to an end due to several high-profile scandals.

In August, a series of videos surfaced in which Jones suggested that the shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice was staged by Democrats. Two weeks later, Facebook removed four pages belonging to Jones for violating its hate speech policies. In late September, CNN reported that Jones had lost sponsorships from two major companies after he advocated for a theory alleging that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked.

Jones’ recent controversies could be bad news for his bank account, as companies typically sever ties with controversial figures if they believe their brands will be harmed by association. In addition, legal costs stemming from the various investigations could significantly dent his wealth.

Alex Jones and the Charlottesville Protests

The alt-right and white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia has drawn a lot of media attention to Alex Jones and his Infowars website. Although Infowars was quick to claim that they were not involved in the events of Charlottesville, their head propagandist and host Alex Jones has been a vocal supporter of the alt-right and white nationalism.

Jones’ relationship with the alt-right began when he started promoting Pizzagate, a conspiracy theory which suggests that high level members of the Democratic Party are trafficking child pornography. The alt-right quickly adopted Pizzagate as their own conspiracy theory, using it to recruit new members and legitimize their racism and bigotry.

Since then, Jones has continued to promote far right causes on his Infowars platform. In December 2016, he hosted a show called “The Alex Jones Daily Show” which featured David Duke, one of the most notorious white supremacists in America. Duke praised Jones for giving him a platform on Infowars, saying “You’re my boy.” During this show, Jones also promoted Donald Trump’s candidacy for president, calling him “the first presidential candidate in history who is speaking out against globalism.”

After Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in November 2016, many members of the alt-right began celebrating on social media wearing Pepe memes (a cartoon frog with Nazi symbolism). These celebrations led some journalists to investigate whether Alex Jones was responsible for popularizing Pepe on his Infowars platform

Alex Jones and His Battle with the FCC

The Alex Jones Show, which is aired on the InfoWars network, has been the subject of multiple FCC investigations. In early March, the FCC issued a “Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture” against Jones for allegedly violating broadcast regulations by making statements that were “false and misleading.” In August, the Texas attorney general’s office opened an investigation into allegations that the InfoWars network had defamed a civil rights advocacy group.

Jones and his show have come under fire for various inflammatory statements and conspiracy theories. He has claimed that the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged, that 9/11 was an inside job, and that vaccines are responsible for autism. Recently, he has been particularly focused on denying claims made by activist David Hogg that he was rejected from several colleges because of his political views.

Alex Jones and His Recent Lawsuits

Alex Jones is one of the most controversial figures in America. He is known for his conspiracy theories, which often concern events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Jones has been involved in a number of lawsuits in recent years. In February 2017, he was sued by two parents who accused him of promoting false information about the risks of vaccines. The case was eventually dropped after Jones made a deal with the parents. In November 2017, Jones was sued by a woman who said he had harassed her online. The lawsuit was also dropped after Jones made a deal with the woman.

In April 2018, Jones was sued by Buzzfeed News for defamation over an article called “Alex Jones and Roger Stone Are Divisional Heads of a Supremacist Organization”. Buzzfeed later dropped the suit after Jones published a video apology.


Alex Jones is a well-known conservative commentator, conspiracy theorist and radio host who has a net worth of $12 million. He rose to prominence in the 1990s as host of Infowars, a website that espouses far-right views on politics and popular culture. In recent years, he has become embroiled in several controversies, including claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was staged by the US government and that 9/11 was an inside job.

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