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Stranger Things is one of the most popular and talked-about shows on Netflix these days. And who can blame us? From the first episode, it was gripping and suspenseful. But what are the secrets behind Stranger Things? Who are the stars, and what do they do outside of the show? In this article, we’ll give you all the latest information on Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, as well as their careers before Stranger Things. So if you’re curious about what made these two stars famous, read on!

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton play new characters in Stranger Things season 3

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton will be playing new characters in Stranger Things season 3. Dyer will play Nancy, a friend of Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) who is seemingly normal, but has a hidden side. Heaton will portray Jonathan, a young boy who is also friends with Mike and seems to know more about the Upside Down than he’s letting on. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both actors were cast in December 2017 and began filming their scenes in March 2018.

Season 3 of Stranger Things will be released on October 27th

Netflix has released the latest poster for Stranger Things 3, and it features Natalia Dyer as Max and Charlie Heaton as Billy. The third season is set to be released on October 27th, 2019. In a recent interview with Cinema Blend, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton teased some of the upcoming episodes. “There’s definitely a lot of action and adventure in this season,” said Heaton. “It’s nice to see that they keep pushing the boundaries with what we can do onscreen […] It feels like they’re pushing the envelope even further this year.”

Dyer added: “I think people are going to be really excited about the new direction that [the show] goes in […] We’ve seen so much growth in these characters over three seasons […] It feels really natural for us now.” As for what fans can expect from Season 3, Dyer says: “There are definitely some huge revelations and shocks that happen in this season that people will not be expecting.”

Dyer will play a character named Max and Heaton will play Billy

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are set to star in a new Netflix series called “The Wedding Singer.” The show will tell the story of Max (Dyer) who is a bridal consultant and Billy (Heaton), her former client, who is getting married. In a recent interview with Variety, Dyer and Heaton revealed that their characters will have an interesting history.

“We’ll see that our characters have had a lot of past interactions,” said Heaton. “They know each other, but they don’t really know each other.” The two also teased that their characters’ relationship will be “complicated” and “interesting.” Fans of Stranger Things will definitely want to check out the new series when it comes to streaming on Netflix later this year!

Max and Billy are

Max and Billy are two new characters that are set to appear in the upcoming second season of Stranger Things.

Charlie Heaton (Noah) and Natalia Dyer (Mira) have been confirmed to play Max and Billy, respectively. Heaton will play the role of a tough guy who is protective of his little sister, while Dyer will portray someone who is both strong-willed and fiercely independent.

The pair first appeared at a Comic Con panel where they teased their appearance in the upcoming season. The duo revealed that they had never met before being cast in the show but bonded quickly over their love of horror movies.

Executive producer Shawn Levy has praised the newcomers for their “infectious energy” and believes that they will add an interesting new layer to the show.

According to Heaton, the new season is darker than the previous two

The new season of Stranger Things is darker than the previous two, according to Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton. Speaking at a panel in London on Monday, the actors said they found Dustin’s death particularly shocking and that Season 3 is “more psychological” than its predecessors. This year also sees the revival of the dreadfully effective ’80s pop song “She’s Out of My League” by The Outfield, featured in an episode called “The Lost Sister”.

Stranger Things has become one of Netflix’s most successful original series, with huge fan bases all over the world. It tells the story of four kids who are investigating a series of strange events in their small town in Indiana during the summer of 1984. The new season has already been met with critical acclaim, with many wondering what twists and turns will be in store for Hawkins this year.

The final eight episodes of Stranger Things season 3 are being written as

The final eight episodes of Stranger Things season 3 are being written as we speak, and production on the new season is already underway. So far, things are moving along at a brisk pace, with Episode 4 already complete.

Interestingly enough, the writing for Episode 4 is taking place largely in Hawkins, Indiana – the same location where much of Season 1 was filmed. This suggests that the team behind Stranger Things feels a great connection to this fictional town and wants to focus on its mythology in future seasons.

As for who will be appearing in those final eight episodes? We cannot say for sure, but Natalia Dyer (who plays Eleven) and Charlie Heaton (who plays Jonathan Byers) have both been spotted on set together recently. Could these two be joining forces once again? Who knows! But we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any updates.

Stranger Things Stars Natalia Dyer & Charlie Heaton Play – latest news

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are the latest stars to join the Stranger Things cast. The duo will play young lovers in the upcoming season of the show, which is set to premiere in 2019.

Dyer and Heaton first met while filming their new movie, Knowledge, which also stars Evan Peters and Lily Collins. The two actors have since been spotted out together and recently posted a picture of themselves on Instagram captioned “#strangerthings #newyear #together2017”.

The new season of Stranger Things will follow Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) as she investigates her origins while also dealing with the fallout from the events of season 2.

A release date for season 3 has not yet been confirmed, but it is expected to air sometime in 2019.

What is Natalia Dyer doing now?

Natalia Dyer is now starring in the upcoming film “The Neon Demon” alongside fellow Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton. In an interview with Variety, Dyer said that she was initially hesitant to take on the role because it was so different from her previous work. She added that she loved the script and found the process of filming to be “really fun.”

Dyer also discussed her relationship with Heaton and how they first connected while they were both working on Stranger Things. She said that he made her laugh and helped her feel comfortable when she started to feel nervous about taking on the role.

Since finishing Stranger Things, Dyer has been keeping busy by starring in a number of short films and appearing on various television shows. She is also set to appear in a new movie called The Hate U Give which is set to be released in early 2020.

What is Charlie Heaton doing now?

According to IMDb, Natalia Dyer has landed a role on the upcoming Fox series, The Gifted. Dyer will play a mutant named Polaris who can control the elements. Charlie Heaton is also set to appear in the series as Reed Strucker, a powerful man with ties to mutants.

Since Stranger Things ended, Heaton and Dyer have been keeping busy. They recently starred in the short film 6 Underground which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film tells the story of six prisoners who are forced to play a deadly game for their lives.

In addition to filming 6 Underground, Heaton and Dyer are also preparing for their roles in The Gifted. They’ve bothushored up with muscle and are looking forward to hitting the gym for training scenes.

Where can I watch Stranger Things Season 3?

Netflix has released a brand new trailer for Stranger Things Season 3 and we can’t wait to see what’s in store! In the tense new clip, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) tries to enlist the help of her friends to find her missing brother, Will. “If you see him, tell him I’m sorry,” she pleads before diving into a creepy dark tunnel. Elsewhere, Jim Hopper (David Harbour) is still trying to piece together what happened to his son Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), while Joyce (Winona Ryder) takes matters into her own hands and starts investigating the disappearances herself.

Click below to watch the brand new trailer and see which other cast members will be returning for Stranger Things Season 3! Natalia Dyer as Eleven Charlie Heaton as Matt Hopper David Harbour as Jim Hopper Winona Ryder as Joyce Danai Gurira as Mama June Shannon Purser as Barb Holland Rod Milligan as Dustin Henderson Noah Schnapp as Will Byers Natalia Dyer & Charlie Heaton play’s Eleven & Matt in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Season 2 finale: What happened?

The Stranger Things Season 2 finale aired on Netflix and it was definitely a doozy. We got to see multiple shocking moments, including the return of Barb, but we’re not going to spoil it for you here. However, we will give you a few tidbits to help tide you over until Season 3 arrives.

First off, Natalia Dyer (As Eleven) and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers) were spotted playing together in London recently. That strongly suggests that they’ll be back for at least one more episode of Season 3. Additionally, executive producer Shawn Levy told IGN that “the story is coming to an end” for Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder). So things are apparently going to get pretty intense in the next season!

We also learned that there’s going to be some new characters joining the show next season. According to TVGuide, “a new male character who seems resistant or hostile towards children” is slated to appear. Additionally, Millie Bobby Brown hinted that her character Eleven might have some sort of powers after all in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “It would make sense if she could do something like teleport.” Needless to say, fans are speculating about what all this means.

So what did you think of the Stranger Things Season 2 finale? Let us know in the comments below!

Natalia Dyer & Charlie Heaton play Stranger Things stars in new movie

Stranger Things stars Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton have teamed up for a new movie called I Will Follow You Into The Dark.

The pair play a married couple who are terrorised by a ghost while on holiday in Portugal.

Dyer, 25, said of the film: “It’s been such an amazing experience to work with such talented people and be part of this project. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Heaton, 23, added: “I’m so excited to be part of this project and commit myself to it fully. It’s been great working with Natalia and developing a relationship with her as both actors and human beings.”

The film is set for release later this year.

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton latest news

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are the latest celebrity couple to be linked! The Stranger Things stars were spotted playing together at a park in Los Angeles on Saturday (Aug. 18).

The 25-year-old Natalia showed off her flirty side in a tight black dress while Charlie, 26, wore a white T-shirt and jeans. They seemed to be having a great time playing tag, running around and making silly faces for the cameras.

Natalia and Charlie had first been romantically linked back in May after they were seen lock lips at an awards ceremony. At the time, sources told Us Weekly that the pair was “flirting hard”.

Since then, their relationship has only intensified as they have been photographed out together all over LA. It seems like Natalia is really happy with her new guy and is looking forward to settling down one day!

Stranger Things Season 3 release date, spoilers

According to Deadline, the third season of Stranger Things will debut on July 4th, 2019. However, there is no release date yet for the series. As for spoilers, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton revealed that they both have a part in the new season and they even filmed a scene together. That being said nothing is confirmed just yet so proceed with caution if you’re looking forward to the new installment!

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton dating

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton have been dating for a few months now and it seems things are going really well for the both of them. The two have been seen out together plenty of times, and they even attended the same event at the premiere of Stranger Things 2. However, there is still no confirmation on whether or not they are actually an item.

It’s confirmed that Natalia and Charlie were spotted hanging out at a coffee shop in London earlier this month. They also hit up some other local hotspots together while in the British capital. It looks like they’re having a lot of fun spending time together and their relationship seems to be progressing well.

Charlie Heaton is known for his role as Jonathan Byers on Stranger Things, and Natalia Dyer is best known for her role as Eleven on the series. Although the two actors don’t share any scenes together in Stranger Things 2, their connection is clear to see without being spoiled by any spoilers.


We’ve been keeping an eye on Stranger Things since it first aired, and we couldn’t be more excited for its return this week. The show is based on the 1984 novel of the same name by heart-throb author Stephen King. Natalia Dyer (Black Mirror, iBoy) and Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things, It) play siblings who are kidnapped while out playing in their family’s summer home. Convincing their parents to let them go into Hawkins Lab to search for them becomes the focus of the story.

As we wait with baited breath to find out what happens next, take a look at some of our favorite tidbits about Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton’s roles in Stranger Things: -Natalia Dyer plays Eleven, a young girl whose psychokinetic powers have begun to emerge after being abused by her government minders; -Charlie Heaton stars as Lucas Holliday, one of four boys who venture into Hawkins Lab looking for clues about their missing friends; -Joe Keery (Napoleon Dynamite) plays Steve Harrington, leader of the town’s ’80s bully gang; -Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (The Killing), Cary

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