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It’s been a little over a year since the tragic death of Michael Brown. The unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9th, 2014. The story made national headlines, and the case sparked protests and riots in Ferguson and around the country. In the months following the shooting, many questions were raised about what really happened that day. And while there are still many unanswered questions, one thing is clear: Michael Brown was killed unnecessarily and without justice.

Now, almost a year later, the trial of Officer Wilson is finally underway. And while we may never know exactly what happened that day, the FBI’s interview of Darrell Brooks – one of the key witnesses in the case – sheds some shocking new light on the events leading up to Michael Brown’s death.

Darrell Brooks’ trial

Darrell Brooks is on trial for the rape and murder of a young woman. The FBI has interviewed him, and they have released the transcript of that interview. In it, Brooks claims that he did not rape or murder the victim. He says that he was with her earlier in the evening, but then left her at a party and didn’t see her again until after she was dead.

The FBI interviewer doesn’t believe Brooks’ story. They point out that his DNA was found on the victim’s body, and that he was seen leaving the party with her. They also mention that several witnesses saw him arguing with the victim earlier in the evening. Based on all of this evidence, the FBI interviewer believes that Darrell Brooks is guilty of rape and murder.

The FBI’s interview of Brooks

The FBI’s interview of Brooks was conducted on May 5, 2004. Brooks was read his Miranda rights and agreed to talk with the agents. He said that he had been drinking prior to the incident and did not remember much about what happened. He said that he remembered leaving the bar with Walker and then waking up the next day in jail. When asked if he knew why he was in jail, Brooks said that he assumed it was because of the fight with Walker.

When asked what happened during the fight, Brooks said that he didn’t remember much but that Walker had started it. He said that he hit Walker in self-defense and didn’t mean to kill him. He said that he was sorry for what happened and wished it could have been avoided.

The agents asked Brooks if he knew anything about the gun that was used in the shooting. Brooks denied knowing anything about it and said that he didn’t know how it got there. He also denied knowing anything about the drugs found in Walker’s car.

The interview ended after about an hour and a half.

What happened during the interview

In the FBI interview of Darrell Brooks, Brooks detailed what happened on the night that George Zimmerman was killed. Brooks said that he was with Trayvon Martin on the night in question and that they were walking to a convenience store when they were spotted by Zimmerman. Zimmerman began following them and Martin became scared. Brooks said that he told Martin to run away, but Martin did not want to leave him alone with Zimmerman.

Eventually, Brooks said, Zimmerman caught up with Martin and there was a struggle. During the struggle, Brooks said, Zimmerman shot Martin in the chest. Brooks ran away after the shooting and did not see what happened next. He said that he did not know who Zimmerman was until he saw his picture on the news later.

What information was revealed in the interview

The interview revealed that Darrell Brooks was involved in a conspiracy to commit bank fraud. He also admitted to making false statements on loan applications and using fraudulent documents to get loans.

The aftermath of the interview

The aftermath of the interview has been incredibly difficult for Brooks. He has been suspended from his job and is facing serious charges. The FBI has released a statement saying that they are “continuing to investigate this matter.”

Shocked information from the interview

In an interview with the FBI, Darrell Brooks revealed shocking information about the night of the murder. He said that he was in the house with his cousin when he heard a loud noise outside. His cousin went to check it out and came back inside covered in blood. Brooks said that he then saw two men carrying a body into the house. They placed the body on the couch and one of them began to clean up the blood.

Brooks said that he was so shocked by what he saw that he couldn’t move or speak. He just stood there frozen in place. After a few minutes, the men left the house and Brooks ran upstairs to tell his girlfriend what had happened. When she asked him what he had seen, he told her that he didn’t know and that he was afraid to go back downstairs.

The next day, Brooks went to work as usual and didn’t say anything about what had happened. It wasn’t until after the police arrived at his job and took him into custody that he finally told them what he had seen.

How this affects Brooks’ case

The FBI interviewed Darrell Brooks on March 3, 2016. The interview was conducted by two agents, and Brooks was represented by an attorney. The agents began by asking Brooks about his background and how he came to be involved in the fires that occurred in Detroit in late December 2015.

Brooks told the agents that he had been living in a motel room with his girlfriend at the time of the fires. He said that he had known about the fires because his girlfriend’s father had been talking about them on the news. When asked why he didn’t come forward sooner, Brooks said that he was scared and didn’t want to get involved.

The agents then asked Brooks about his relationship with Edward Leonard, who is also known as “Shocked.” Leonard is a convicted arsonist who is currently serving a life sentence for setting fire to a house in Ohio in 2003. In 2014, Leonard was arrested for setting fire to a vacant house in Detroit. He pleaded guilty and is currently serving a five-year sentence for that fire.

Brooks told the agents that he met Leonard while they were both incarcerated at a state prison in Ionia, Michigan. He said that they became friends and kept in touch after they were released from prison. When asked if he knew why Leonard set fire to houses, Brooks said that he

What happens next in the trial

The Darrell Brooks trial is set to resume on Monday, March 9th. The FBI interview of Brooks is expected to be shown to the jury. In the interview, Brooks allegedly admitted to killing several women. The prosecution is expected to use this information to try and prove that Brooks is a danger to society and should not be let out on bail.


The Brooks trial came to a close with the FBI releasing their interview of Darrell Brooks. The interview was conducted after the murder of William Sotelo and is full of shocking information.

Brooks admitted to the FBI that he had been planning to kill Sotelo for weeks. He had even gone so far as to purchase a gun and practice shooting it in his backyard.

On the day of the murder, Brooks waited for Sotelo to leave his house before following him in his car. When Sotelo stopped at a red light, Brooks pulled up next to him and shot him multiple times.

After killing Sotelo, Brooks drove around for a while before dumping the gun in a lake. He then went home and acted like nothing had happened.

The FBI interview is full of chilling details about how Brooks planned and executed the murder of Sotelo. It’s clear that he is a cold-blooded killer who showed no remorse for his actions.

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