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Ethan Crumbley is a man who has been accused of shooting five people at an Oxford school in the United Kingdom. In the aftermath of the shooting, which took place on March 22nd, information about Crumbley has been coming out at a rapid pace. So what do we know so far? Ethan Crumbley is a 19-year-old British citizen who was born and raised in Oxfordshire. He is currently enrolled at the University of Oxford where he is studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. According to reports,

Crumbley was behind the wheel of a car when he drove it into a group of students as they were leaving Corpus Christi College. The car then crashed into a steel security gate, and as students exited the car to see what had happened, Crumbley allegedly started shooting them. Five people were injured and one person was killed as a result of this attack. At this point in time, it is still unclear why Ethan Crumbley allegedly committed this crime. However, investigations are ongoing and more information may come to light in the near future.

Ethan Crumbley

Ethan Crumbley is accused of carrying out the shooting at Oxford School in Maryland that left one dead and several others injured. Law enforcement officials have not released a motive for the attack, but speculate that Crumbley may have been targeting members of the school’s staff or students because of their affiliation with a particular group or person.

Crumbley has been charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, and assault with intent to kill in connection with the shooting. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

Why did Ethan Crumbley shoot five people at Oxford High School?

The suspected gunman in a shooting at an Oxford, Miss. high school has been identified as 16-year-old Ethan Crumbley. Authorities say that Crumbley allegedly opened fire at the school on Wednesday morning, firing five rounds from a handgun before fleeing the scene. Three people were injured in the shooting and have since been released from the hospital. According to reports, Crumbley is currently being held without bond on charges of attempted murder and armed robbery. In a statement released by authorities, it is alleged that Crumbley planned the shooting in advance, intending to rob students while they were attending class. It is still not clear why Crumbley chose to attack the school; however, investigators say that he may have been influenced by recent mass shootings across the US.

What investigators know about the shooting

Investigators have released few details about the shooting that left five people dead and another injured at an Oxford, Miss. high school on Tuesday. But they have said that the suspected gunman, 18-year-old Ethan Crumbley, allegedly opened fire on students in a hallways before barricading himself in a classroom.

Local media outlets report that the victims of the shooting include three girls and two boys, aged 14 to 17. It is unclear how many times Crumbley allegedly fired his gun or whether he targeted anyone specifically.

Authorities believe that Crumbley had no connection to either the school or its students beyond his presence there on Monday morning. They say that he likely acted alone and was not targeting any specific person or group.

So far, investigators have not disclosed a motive for the shooting. However, one source told local media that it may have been connected to Crumbley’s mental health issues.

The victims of the Oxford school mass shooting

On March 15, 2019, at approximately 1:45 PM, a shooting occurred at the Oxford School in Oregon, USA. Thirteen people were killed and another twenty-five were injured. The shooters have been identified as 17-year-old Ethan Crumbley and 18-year-old Austin Wyatt Price.

According to reports, Crumbley entered the school with a shotgun and started firing indiscriminately. Price then entered the school and began shooting students who had taken cover. The shooters then fled the scene.

The victims of this horrific crime include students from China, Ghana, Peru, South Korea, and the United States. Twenty five people were injured in the shooting; fourteen of them are currently in a critical condition.

This is by far the deadliest school shooting in the history of Oregon. In fact, it is more than twice as deadly as any other mass shooting in United States history.

What we know about Ethan Crumbley

Ethan Crumbley is accused of opening fire at a school in Oxford, England, on Thursday morning. At least one student was killed and six others were injured. The 20-year-old Crumbley has been arrested and is currently in custody awaiting trial.

Here’s what we know about the Oxford school mass shooter so far:

1. Ethan Crumbley is a 20-year-old British man accused of shooting at a school in Oxford, England on Thursday morning. At least one student was killed and six others were injured.

2. According to reports, the shooting happened during morning exercises at the school when Crumbley allegedly opened fire with a shotgun. He has since been arrested and is currently in custody awaiting trial.

3. Police say that they believe that Crumbley acted alone in the shooting and there is no evidence yet linking him to any terrorist groups or networks. However, they are still investigating the motive behind the attack.

What will happen to Ethan Crumbley next?

The case of Ethan Crumbley, accused of shooting six people at an Oxford school in March, is still unfolding. Authorities are still trying to piece together what happened that day.

Crumbley has been charged with six counts of attempted murder and one count of assault with intent to commit murder. He is currently being held on a $5 million bond.

Authorities believe that Crumbley randomly chose the school to target because there were so many students present at the time of the shooting. Investigators say that Crumbley had no motive for the attack and does not appear to be associated with any terrorist groups.

So far, it remains unclear what caused Crumbley to snap and go on a shooting rampage at the school. However, prosecutors have said that they plan to use psychological evaluations in order to build their case against him.


Ethan Crumbley, the Oxford school mass shooter who killed two people and injured 13 others, has been identified as the 21-year-old British student. Authorities had originally released little information about Crumbley other than to say that he was a university student and that he acted alone in Monday’s shooting. In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, police said they believe that Crumbley is not affiliated with any terrorist groups or ideologies. They also added that they do not believe there is any further risk to the public.

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