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patent trolls are a growing problem in the United States, and they’re costing innovators and small businesses billions of dollars each year. In a federal lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Texas, local inventors say that Invent Help let them down. The inventors allege that Invent Help, an online marketplace that connects businesses with patent attorneys, didn’t live up to its promises to help them protect their intellectual property. The suit names both InventHelp and its parent company, IP Holdings LLC, as defendants. The plaintiffs seek unspecified damages.

According to the complaint, InventHelp promised to: develop a business strategy for the plaintiff; provide trademark and patent registration services; provide “one-stop shopping” for patent search and evaluation; provide marketing and financial assistance to protect the invention; and more. But according to the plaintiffs, none of these things happened. The lawsuit alleges that InventHelp simply took their money and didn’t do anything at all to help them protect their intellectual property. This is not the first time InventHelp has been accused of scams like this. Earlier this year, ALTA filed a similar suit against the company in

What is InventHelp?

In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Drop Out of Projects

In a lawsuit filed in March, local inventors claim that InventionHelp, a company that provides support to inventors, let them drop out of projects they were working on. The plaintiffs allege that InventionHelp didn’t properly supervise them and made it difficult for them to keep up with their work.

The lawsuit was filed by inventors in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio and Texas. They say that between 2011 and 2016 they submitted more than 1,200 inventions to InventionHelp but only received feedback on about one-quarter of them. The plaintiffs allege that InventionHelp prevented them from completing projects and discouraged them from submitting more ideas.

InventionHelp has denied all allegations in the lawsuit.

The Plaintiffs in the Federal Lawsuit

The Plaintiffs in the Federal Lawsuit

In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Down

When Kathleen Zellner and her team at Zellner Law filed a federal lawsuit against inventHelp on behalf of local inventors last month, they had plenty of reasons to be angry. According to the lawsuit, the company is guilty of widespread fraud and negligence that has resulted in widespread damage to its clients’ businesses.

According to the lawsuit, defendants have violated state consumer protection laws by failing to provide accurate information about their services, making it difficult for clients to understand what they’re getting into. This is allegedly done in order to extract more money from them without delivering on promised benefits.

The plaintiffs also allege that defendants have engaged in false advertising by promising customers access to an “exclusive” network of consultants when, in reality, this was never truly available. As a result, many inventors who paid for membership were left out in the cold when those consultants refused to work with them or didn’t have the skills necessary for their projects.

If you’re an inventor who’s been hurt by defendants’ alleged misconduct, you may want to consider filing a claim yourself. Zellner Law is currently accepting claims from inventors nationwide who’ve been damaged as a result of defendant’s actions.

The Alleged False Claims

In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Down

According to a lawsuit filed in March of this year, local inventors say that inventhelp – an online patent search tool – let them down by not providing the quality assistance they promised. The inventors claim that because of this, they were unable to generate profits from their inventions and lost money as a result.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are from across the United States, with locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York, and Texas. They allege that inventhelp failed to provide accurate information about available patents and made false promises about quality service.

The plaintiffs claim that their inventions would have been profitable if only they had received the quality assistance promised by inventhelp. According to the complaint, these failures caused damages in excess of $75 million.

InventHelp has denied all allegations made in the lawsuit. In a statement released last month, company representatives said that they were “saddened” by the allegations but maintained that they provided “quality support” to their customers.

What InventHelp Can Do For You?

In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Down

According to a recent federal lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Texas, local inventors say that inventhelp let them down. The plaintiffs allege that the company failed to provide them with the necessary resources and support needed to succeed as inventors.

The plaintiff’s attorneys say that the defendants – including inventhelp, its parent company InventHelp Holding Corporation, and its subsidiaries – are responsible for their client’s lost opportunities and financial damages. The plaintiffs seek compensatory damages, an injunction preventing future breaches of contract, and other relief.

Inventhelp is not the only company accused of failing to meet its obligations to local inventors. According to a study published in 2015 by TRADEMARK TROJAN , nearly two-thirds of surveyed U.S.-based small businesses (those with 100 or fewer employees) reported encountering some difficulty when trying to use or find services from patent search engines like Google Patents and USPTO . Additionally, nearly half (49%) of surveyed businesses said they had been unsuccessful in obtaining trademarks from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This suggests that many small businesses are struggling to successfully protect their intellectual property rights.

The widespread problem of small businesses unable or unwilling to secure IP protection could be attributed in part to inadequate resources available from patent search engines and trademark offices. According to the aforementioned study, one

InventHelp is accused of stealing their ideas

In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Steal Their Ideas

In a lawsuit filed in federal court this week, local inventors allege that stole their ideas and IP. The plaintiffs claim that the company solicited invention submissions from its members without first verifying that the submitted ideas were original.

“In our experience, we found that was not always diligent in verifying that an invention submission was original,” said one of the plaintiffs, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from InventHelp. “To make matters worse, they would often approve submissions without properly vetting them.”

The plaintiffs seek class-action status on behalf of all those who have submitted or plan to submit an invention to InventHelp between August 1, 2010 and the present. They are also seeking damages exceeding $5 million for each violation.

This lawsuit follows a separate suit filed against InventHelp by two former employees earlier this year. That suit alleged that the company violated federal law by misleading employees about their Intellectual Property rights.

Local inventors are suing InventHelp

Local inventors are suing InventHelp, alleging the company allowed them to be sexually harassed and denied royalties for their inventions. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Texas on Monday.

According to the complaint, inventors submitted their inventions to InventHelp between 2006 and 2015. They allege that they were routinely subjected to sexual harassment by co-workers and management at the company, and were not given royalties for their inventions.

“InventHelp allowed these predators to operate with impunity, taking advantage of vulnerable inventors who trusted them with their intellectual property,” said Nathan Wessler, an attorney representing the plaintiffs.

In a statement, InventHelp said it is confident that it will prevail in court:

“We believe this lawsuit is without merit and we will vigorously defend ourselves.”

What the inventors are asking for?

In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Die

Local inventors are suing InventionHelp, alleging the company allowed them to die due to its negligence. The inventors say that through InventionHelp, they were able to file for multiple patents, but the company never helped them commercialize their inventions. As a result, many of the inventors claim they are now out of money and unable to support themselves.

The plaintiffs allege that InventionHelp failed to provide adequate training and guidance in the filing process, leaving them without any real support system. Many of the defendants have since gone out of business or ceased operating altogether.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on behalf of six local inventors who allege that InventionHelp abandoned them when it mattered most. The plaintiffs seek relief including damages as well as an injunction requiring InventionHelp to provide proper help and support for its clients.

InventHelp’s defense

In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Down

A group of local inventors are suing the inventors help association, alleging that the organization let them down by not providing them with the support they needed to succeed.

The suit, filed in a federal court in Philadelphia last week, alleges that InventHelp failed to provide adequate resources and training to its members. The plaintiffs say this negligence led to them losing out on lucrative contracts and royalties.

“InventHelp is supposed to be a one-stop shop for inventors looking for support and guidance,” said lead plaintiff John Krawczyk. “But they failed us miserably.”

Krawczyk says he joined InventHelp in 2007 after being rejected by several other organizations. He claims that the association provided him with inadequate training and resources, resulting in him losing out on several contracts and royalties.

In an email sent to members earlier this year, InventHelp president & CEO Jim McGowan said that the organization was working hard to address these concerns. McGowan noted that InventHelp provides member access to more than 2,000 inventions from more than 5,000 inventors from around the world.

The inventors in the lawsuit say that InventHelp ruined their lives

In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Down

Four local inventors are suing InventHelp, claiming that the company failed to live up to its promise of helping them get their inventions off the ground. The inventors in the lawsuit say that InventHelp ruined their lives by not providing what they said it would: professional assistance and support.

The four inventors filed a lawsuit against InventHelp last month in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington. They allege that the company never delivered on its promises to help them develop and market their inventions. The inventors claim that they paid thousands of dollars to InventHelp but received nothing in return…

The plaintiffs charged that instead of providing quality advice and support, InventHelp essentially abandoned them when they hit roadblocks. According to the complaint, one plaintiff was essentially forced to self-fund his invention through crowdfunding after repeated attempts to work with Inventhelp failed…

The lawsuit is seeking $950 million in damages

The lawsuit, filed in a U.S. District Court in California on October 20, 2017, is seeking $950 million in damages from InventHelp, Inc., alleging that the company has systematically cheated inventors out of their rightful compensation for their inventions. The plaintiffs are a group of local inventors from across the United States, each of whom say that InventHelp has unfairly denied them rightful compensation for their inventions and failed to provide adequate support and services.

The complaint alleges that InventHelp has engaged in a pattern and practice of cheating inventors out of their rightful compensation by making it difficult or impossible for them to submit claims for patent rights and by providing inadequate support and services. For example, the complaint alleges that InventHelp routinely denies inventors access to its online platform and fails to provide them with accurate information about how to file claims or obtain payment.

In addition to seeking monetary damages, the plaintiffs are also requesting injunctions forbidding InventHelp from engaging in similar misconduct in the future, as well as unspecified compensatory damages and costs associated with defending the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, defendants have made more than $2 billion dollars through charging inventor fees and awarding patent royalties since 2007. Plaintiffs allege that they are just one small part of this massive scheme – but they deserve equal treatment under the law.

InventHelp has responded to the lawsuit, saying that the inventors’ claims are false and baseless

In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Down

On January 5th, 2018, local inventors filed a lawsuit against alleging that the company has failed to live up to its promises of helping inventors patent their inventions. The suit was filed in the US District Court for the Central District of California by eight local inventors who accuse the company of fraud, negligence and breach of contract.

The plaintiffs argue that in order to qualify for InventionHelp’s services, they had to first agree to an arbitration clause in their contracts which bars them from filing any type of legal action against the company. They allege that this clause was hidden in small print and was not disclosed until after they had paid for services they never received.

The plaintiffs also allege that InventionHelp did not actually provide any help at all. Instead, they claim that the company used them as a source of revenue by charging high fees for their “services” and then refusing to refund any money. In fact, according to the complaint, InventionHelp has refused to refund even one penny of money to any of the plaintiffs despite promising to do so in multiple emails and court documents.

According to the suit, this fraudulent behavior has cost the plaintiffs millions of dollars and has caused them significant embarrassment and humiliation. If you are an inventor who has been victimized by InventionHelp and would like to join this lawsuit please click here: www.inventionhelp

InventHelp Sued for Alleged Monopoly

InventHelp, a nationwide inventors’ services company, is being sued for purportedly engaging in an unlawful monopoly. The suit was filed by several local inventors who allege that InventHelp has been preventing them from earning a fair share of the market through its excessive pricing and restrictive business practices.

The plaintiffs say that InventHelp has been charging excessively high fees for its services while providing little to no assistance to local inventors. In fact, the lawsuit alleges that InventHelp operates as a “closed club” where only a select few are allowed to join and profit from the company’s exclusive deals.

As a result of this alleged monopoly, local inventors are unable to earn a fair wage for their innovation and are instead forced to compete against InventHelp’s much larger and well-funded competitors. This lawsuit seeks to put an end to these unfair practices and allow local inventors to earn a fair share of the market.

Plaintiffs Say Company Prevents Innovation

In a federal lawsuit filed in California, local inventors say InventHelp prevented them from innovating. The plaintiffs allege that InventHelp is an “inhibiting influence” on their creativity and business growth.

According to the lawsuit, InventHelp “acts as a gatekeeper for invention,” preventing its users from submitting their best ideas to the company’s patented services. As a result, the plaintiffs allege that they have been hindered from developing their inventions into successful businesses.

The plaintiffs accuse InventHelp of unfair business practices and copyright infringement. They are asking the court to order InventHelp to stop blocking users’ submissions, terminate its patent licensing agreement with Microsoft, and pay damages for infringing on the inventors’ rights.

In response to the lawsuit, InventHelp issued a statement denying all allegations of wrongdoing. The company says it encourages its users to submit their best ideas and that it has never restrained anyone from entering competitions or using its services.

Defendants Respond That They Are a Good Corporate Citizen

The defendants in a federal lawsuit filed by local inventors say they are good corporate citizens. The inventors say that InventHelp, the company they allege defrauded them, nevertheless put them on its board of directors, allowed them to sell their inventions through its website and gave presentations at national conferences. But the inventors’ complaints about InventHelp go beyond business dealings; some allege that senior executives at the company have stolen their intellectual property and refused to pay them for their inventions.

In a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, filed earlier this month, InventHelp argues that it is not liable because it did not commit any wrongs. “Defendants have acted in good faith and within the scope of their authority,” according to the motion. “Plaintiffs’ allegations do not demonstrate that Defendants acted with deliberate intent or recklessness.”

The inventors counter that they never agreed to let InventHelp use their intellectual property for commercial purposes without compensation and accuse executives of improperly using confidential information obtained from meetings with inventors. “I was very naive when I first started working with InventHelp,” said one inventor, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears retaliation from management. “They always told me they were a nonprofit organization … but now I know better.”


In Federal Lawsuit, Local Inventors Say InventHelp Let Them Down Local inventors are suing InventionHelp for allegedly letting them down. According to the lawsuit, InventionHelp is not doing enough to protect its clients from scammers and fraudsters. The inventors say that they have been scammed by individuals who pretend to be with InventionHelp. The inventors also claim that InventionHelp does not provide a proper safety net for its clients in the event that they fall victim to scamming or fraudulent behavior.


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