September 24, 2023

Top 5 WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker App for Android 2023

In the present, WhatsApp makes it so simple to connect with anyone and anywhere around the globe. WhatsApp is a very well-known and trustworthy app all over the world. It’s because WhatsApp is very concerned about the safety that its customers. If you’re unsure the fact that you children spend most time and time online then you must take note of social websites. The app isn’t putting enough attention to their studies and you ought to be able monitor the amount that they engage in online activities.

This is the reason we’ll be discussing WhatsApp The Last Seen Tracker Application. It allows you to easily monitor the online activities on WhatsApp. This article will present the most effective WhatsApp last Seen Tracker apps for Android. These apps will assist you find those whom you last seen via WhatsApp of any person from your contacts. It is also possible to keep your sights on your children as well as your relatives.

WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

WaStat is the best alternative to notify you when someone is online on WhatsApp. It will provide users with instant notifications when you’re online. It shows every time times in a simple overview of the time. It is a secure app does not alter any WhatsApp account on WhatsApp or in other ways. When you’re waiting on someone to be online but hasn’t arrived after installing this app it will inform you when they become online. It shows last seen online and the last seen online status of all of your WhatsApp contacts. It is possible to use it quickly with it. app. It is available for download from Google Play store, open it, then type in the email address of the person you want to keep track of. You will be notified by it when the user is online. app when the user is online.

Notify Online – Last Seen

Notify online is another excellent app to track last-minute events. It provides you with information regarding the person you’ve selected and keeps a close eye at the daily activities and actions for your children. These days, children spend much than half of their time engaged in social media, and they are using up their time. This means they aren’t paying attention to their studies or other activities. If you’re trying to determine if your children are active on social media or not. It’s easy to download it to connect to your Android mobile device and then use it to enjoy. In order to find out when they last saw them or the time the person was last seen as well as the last seen date just enter their contact number within the app. It will keep you current when the number you select has been verified to be online. The most significant advantage of using the app is that it will keep you up-to-date when your selected contact becomes disconnected.

WisTracker Online Last Seen Tracker for Family

WisTracker helps you find specifics about the last seen or the last seen the individual in all its glory. It was developed by the company Innovex. It is fully compatible with Android 4.1plus. This application’s last update was released in the year 2020. This Version has been upgraded to version 1.2 and is very useful. It is impossible to determine if you’re checking the online activities of your children because they are using social sites as well as WhatsApp. Should you have to verify, you can download WisTracker WhatsApp last seen tracker online to your whole family on the Google Play Store. I will inform users of the app when you children connect to the Internet as well as when it stops. I would suggest this app to ensure your children’s security children and to monitor their actions.

W-Track: Last seen

“Track Last seen is a unique app that is used to track last seen trackers. last seen tracker. It is an app will monitor your online activity of the specified number and also its. By using this app you can track all online activities of the important and close contact. All you need be able to download is this app through Google Play store, install it on your Google Play Store, then install it onto your Android devices, then utilize the app. Install the app and enter names of people you have to be following. You will be notified when you are online and when you cease following your social media.

WatzUsage: Tracker for WhatsApp

If you’re searching on the internet for the most efficient app to utilize the WhatsApp online last seen trackers app and you ought to be on the lookout. Don’t make the most to take advantage of the time when you notice your children who are focusing more in social media. Are you aware you’re not getting enough sleep as well during the evenings and are constantly on social media? That means it’s time to let them go off guard, especially if they are on social media in the evening. We’re talking about an app that will help in locating the last seen and online information for your kid. Thus, you simply have to install the app and keep an eye on your children. WatzUsage app can be the best app to achieve this.

It’s an whatsapp last seen online tracker app is able to meet the needs for the millions WhatsApp clients. Because it lets you track your most loved friends’ WhatsApp time and duration. If you receive a message and then open it in notifications, the app will inform users of messages when the person you want to talk to happens using WhatsApp. In addition the status of their off-line account is shown to you.

By simply looking at notifications, you can to track WhatsApp using the time stamps of a specific number. But, obtaining the details is also simple using this last seen online tracker app. For example, keep track of the date and time in both clockwise and date. The inclusion of “filters” has made this app more popular. Filters can be used to monitor all day long or only the specific time. Parents it is possible to keep track of the studying time for your kid. You can tell if the child has been working on an task or simply chatting.

The capability to receive reports via email is also an option.


  • Tracking is simple for anyone
  • It displays precise time stamps.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of the traces of one second
  • Filter option helps track faster


  • Trial time is not very long
  • Free version is not as functional.

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